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    disc menus in PrE 10

    Val8583 Level 1

      I have been using Premiere Elements 10 for a while now. I like most of the "improvements" but I miss some of the old "stuff" - especially one particular disc menu. It was a fairly plain blue screen (with a swirl of yellow) that had the option of multiple Main Menu Markers, 6 scenes per screen on the subsequent pages and NO sound.


      I can't find anything like it in the new version and am having trouble adapting the options that are availiable. I want a plain background (which I replace with my own photo), more than one Main Menu Marker on the *first* screen (not "continued" on the next page) and no music or sound effects at all.


      I've added the additional menus I found on the Adobe site, but none of them fits the bill. I still have my old (PrE 8 or 9?) software. If there is no suitable disc menu for the new version, is it possible to import them from the old software discs?


      Any help with a really "plain" menu, that I can adapt myself would be appreciated. I'd also like info on deleting music from the pre-installed menus. So far I've only been able to record a track of "silence" in Audacity and "trick" Elements into accepting it as an alternate audio track.


      Any thoughts/suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks.