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    copy section of a gradient across x-axis

    bookie56 Level 1

      Hi folks!

      Seen this done in photoshop but not illustrator. I have created two images that have gradients applied to them and want to join them together with the gradients.

      I can't stretch the image because the lighter gradient follows and I just want that on the outside edges of both as shown in the image.


      In effect - i want to take a small slice of the darker gradient and continue it on the x-axis to the other image without distorting the gradient effects.

      Has anyone any ideas on this one?


      bookie56copying gradients.png

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          [scott] Level 6

          Just fill the middle section with the dark color.


          Or create one object with the gradient you want.




          Gradients in Illustrator aren't "baked in" they way they are in png or other raster formats. There's no need to copy and duplicate sections.

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            bookie56 Level 1

            Hi scott w!

            Doh! God I wasn't thinking outside of the box....in English terms I was a plonker....lol


            Thank you so much for getting me thinking again...


            I am just testing colours at the moment and that was an obstacle I needed to sort...


            I laid a rectangle on top of the two shapes and then joined them which obviously ruined the gradient, but I added the stops as you pointed out and everything is all right  with copying gradients1.pngthe  world again...