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    Air brushing




      I am currently using Premeire elements 10 and wants to get some perspective from the group on this issue.  I recently filmed a brief  70's flashback scene for my movie and I was wondering if there were any type of air brush tools that could make the actors' faces look younger.  (since we are using the same actors from the present day scene as well) They are dressed in 70's garb and look like they fit in that era, except they are suppsoed to be younger of course during that time.


      Appreciate any input, even if it means utilizing a secondary plugin or software source.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I suppose you could soften the video a bit with a gentle blur -- but, no, you can't remove wrinkles without doing a frame-by-frame touch-up of the filmstrip in Photoshop Elements, which would take days and days.


          More effective would be the FilmLooks in version 11, which can give your video the look of a different era with a single click.

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            holdthatmayo Level 1

            Thanks Steve! So is the effect you are referring actually called a "blur" ?  \


            The Filmlooks feature sounds really interesting as well .  How do i upgarde from 10 to 11 and do you know how much money it costs to do that?  Also, is there a way to learn more about the filmlooks functionality before I upgrade?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You can see a preview of FilmLooks on the product page.



              It also includes information on upgrading. Although check with Amazon.com first. Sometimes they have deals there that are cheaper than a direct-from-Adobe upgrade.


              And, of course, if you want to master version 11 (or version 10), I hope you'll check out my books!



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                holdthatmayo Level 1

                Thanks Steve.  One last question, Is there a list where  I can view tall the possible themes and theme/descriptions for this feature.  They show a few of them for a couple seconds on your  video link above but it would be great to see the full  comprehensive list to know  if any could apply to my current project.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Here's an excerpt from my book:


                  Brand new to Premiere Elements are FilmLooks, a collection of 12 very cool color presets that automatically give your video the moody look of an artsy Hollywood production (or of a cheap home movie).

                  Included in this set are effects for shifting colors, tinting your videos, brightening them or making your videos look dark and creepy.


                  They include:


                  • Crushed Color washes out the color in your video. Great for doing Cold Case-style flashbacks.
                  • Deep Copper makes your video black & white with a cold, coppery tone.
                  • Dreamy applies a Gaussian Blur effect.
                  • Hollywood Movie increases the blue levels of your video to give it a more filmic look. Horror desaturates the color to give your video a dull, deadly look.
                  • Old Film and Newsreel lower or remove your color levels and “damage” the video to make it look older.
                  • Pandora turns everyone’s skin blue (like the Na’vi characters in Avatar).
                  • Red Noir desaturates all of the colors except for a few spots of red.
                  • Sparta gives your video a surreal, golden look.
                  • Summer Day washes out your video’s color with yellow “sunshine”.
                  • Vintage makes your video look like an old home movie.
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                    holdthatmayo Level 1

                    Okay now you sold me on version 11! That's a really cool list.  Any particualr preset/effect you would recommend to help make my  70's basement scene look more dark and dingy, even bordering on creating a  horror mood?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Yes. The Horror FilmLook.

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                        holdthatmayo Level 1

                        Okay I will check it out.  Is there any change in the new blue audio effects in version 11 as I already started making audio edits to remove background noise in my current version.  Woud it be worthwhile to start thewhole audio-editing  process from scratch  with Version 11 or is the audio filtering pretty much the same on both 10 and 11?