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    Acceptable media types for speech to text analysis in CS6?

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      Hi all,


      I was getting ready to show off the useful speech to text analysis feature in CS6 to a colleague and ran into a hang up for a such a simple procedure.  We are using a PC based system with Windows 7.


      The interview bite that we would like to have analyzed is in a P2 MXF format.  Whether I open the clip in the source monitor, simply select in the Project panel or use 'Clip' Menu>>' Analyze Content', the 'Analyze' button in the Speech Analysis poriton of the Metadata panel remains greyed out and inaccessible.


      My first thought was that P2 MXF was not an acceptable media type for use with the tool. Then I selected an Ikegami clip which had been transcoded in AME to a P2 Movie clip with practically the same properties as the native P2 MXF clip which is desired for analysis.   The P2 transcoded clip did activate the 'Analyze' button.  I also attempted to analyze a native XDCAM EX clip, and the 'Analyze' button was accessible.


      Here's a screen shot of the clip properties of the three clips metnioned here.  The clip to the farthest screen left is the native P2 MXF clip which will not allow analysis.






      Any thgouths on why native P2 MXF is not an acceptable media type for Speech Analysis? Thanks!



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          lbsimpson Level 1

          Well I just had a hunch to check the permissions in Windows Explorer on the top folder of P2 MXF file directory containing the desired clip for speech analysis.  The permissions were set to 'Read Only.'  I changed this to allow writing and applied the change.  Then I closed and reopened the clip in the PPro Source monitor, and voila! The 'Analyze' button was no longer greyed out, and I was able to begin analysis of the clip.


          I find this to be especially strange because for all of our media types, including hte native P2 MXF, we do add metadata particuarly in the 'Description' and/or 'Log Notes' fields inside PPro.  The metadata is retained when the same media is re-imported into a new project.  'Read Only' permissions seems not to have an impact on writing that user-input data.


          Again, not sure why this is isolated to only our P2 MXF directories, but at least I know how to get around it.  Perhaps this is a PC/Windows-system issue?

          Anyone else come across this?  I was able to replicate this behavior on two separate edit systems so far.