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    Creating an Advanced Search Button


      Hi, I am trying to make some different buttons for a menu in an InDesign Document that will work when exported as a PDF.  I have successfully created Next, Previous, & Print buttons.  However, our client is wanting a 'Search' or 'Find' button that people could click on in the PDF.  When clicked it will allow people viewing the PDF to enter a product number or specific word and find out where throughout the document it is found.  I know it is possible to do, as I have a PDF that someone else created and it has this function.  I am wondering Is it possible to do in InDesign, or is that something that needs to be done in Acrobat itself?  Can anyone tell me how to make this happen?  Thanks!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It must be done in Acrobat Pro.


          You can create the button in InDesign, just don't give it an action. In Acrobat Pro, for the button action, choose Execute Menu Item, then select Edit > Advanced Search.




          Be aware that this will only work with Adobe Acrobat and Reader and probably won't work on third party PDF readers.

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            razorcs Level 1

            Thank you!  That does work.  However, the document we are working on is 300+ pages, so doing this for each page will be very tedious.  Is there any way 'accessing' the Master (as that is where all the other buttons are) or copying it to all of the pages simultaniously?  Perhaps even a way to paste in place would at least help speed up the process, but Acrobat doesn't seem to have that.  Any tips you can give in regards to this?

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Set the button up on your first page in Acrobat and get in working to your liking. Then right-click on it and choose "Duplicate." Enter the pages/page range where you want it to appear.

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                razorcs Level 1

                Thanks John!  That worked.  One fina questionl (hopefully).  Can't seem to get this feature to work while browsing in a web browser...tried it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.  Is this one of those interactive elements that only works when viewing it directly in Adobe Reader?  or is there a work around for this?



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                  John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hmmm...it should work. Before drawing any conclusions, be certain your broswers' Reader plugin's/add-on's are up to date.


                  Might also help if you give more detail with respect to "doesn't work." Do you mean the buttons don't even show up, or, are they there but not functioning?

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                    razorcs Level 1

                    Ok, so a few different issues as far as I can tell across the browsers. (I also have previous, next, and print buttons which were created in InDesign and work in Safari, and Chrome


                    Safari -

                    Advanced Search Button shows, but doesn't actually seem to work

                    Find Button works


                    Chrome -

                    Both Advanced Search and Find Buttons show, but do not work


                    Firefox (after plug-in/add-on has been installde)

                    I can now view text on the page, but I can neither see ANY of the the buttons or use them.



                    Still working on trying to even view PDF