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    Distiller mangles Adobe Garamond Pro bold


      All of my documents use Adobe Garamond Pro as body text.  When I create PDFs, distiller shows all bold text in this face as courier.


      This problem actually started when I upgraded from Frame 9 to 10, but I got around it by always using the Adboe PDF print driver.  That has worked even after I upgraded to Frame 11, except that last week my laptop suffered a catastrophic drive failure.  I lost a bunch of files.  IT gave me a new drive, cloned from the old one as best they could, and reinstalled apps.  Now all PDFs are changing Adobe Garamond Pro bold face to courier text.


      I have too many documents that use this font to make it practical to change fonts.  But I also have a release coming up in a few days.  I need this to workwith the current format.


      What can i do?