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    Digital Signatures


      How do I apply multiple Digital signatures by different persons within one companies network to one pdf document file?



      Mark Turner

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Each signer sequentially signs the same PDF with his own credential. After the previous signer signs it (s)he passes it to the next signer.

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            mturner179 Level 1

            What if I am using share point site server to collect responces. I've actually collected repones but can't compile the responces to one file with pdf file with digital signatures. I would like to distribute pdf file with five form fields for digital signatures. I've done this but getting each persons digital signature by themselves within the reponces folder. I'm assuming that acrobat then combines these files into one pdf file with all signatures togather in one pdf file.

            How would I do this to allow the persons to view and add digital signature and then have all digital signatures to one pdf file.

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              IsakTen Level 4

              You cannot combine several signed PDFs in one PDF file. Each signature is based on the range of bytes and when you append a PDF the byte range changes and this invalidates the signature.

              You need to create a workflow in which a signed PDF is routed to the next signer after the previous person signed it. This way all signatures are in the same PDF consequitively.

              Alternately, you can use Portfolios to place each signed PDF as an attachment in a PDF envelope. You then distribute the envelope PDF with all attachments, each of which contains a signed PDF.

              I believe those are the only choices you have in your environment. I may be wrong, though.

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                mturner179 Level 1

                Ok so, how would initiate a workflow?

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                  IsakTen Level 4

                  I do not know. It depends on your environment. You can do that with scripts  but I am not an expert at that.