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    Unable to Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 using High-Performance on AMD Radeon Graphic Card

    rpphua13 Level 1

      I have been unable to launch Adobe Premiere Pro since installing it with the error message "Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again"


      Here are my specs:

      Lenovo Ideapad U400

      Windows 7 (64bit)

      Intel i5 2.5 ghz processor

      AMD Radeon 6470M graphics card


      The only occasion during which I have successfully launched Premiere Pro was after reverting to the default graphics card on my computer and uninstalling AMD Radeon, otherwise, I have tried to change Premiere Pro to run on High-Performance on Catalyst Control Center to no avail, I do not wish to revert to the Standard Graphics Card as it slows down my computers performance one hell of a lot, neither do I wish to have to constantly uninstall and reinstall my AMD Radeon Graphics Card when I use Premiere Pro. Thank you for your time.