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    Paragraph Style corrupt?

    Cheryl Graham Level 2

      I created a paragraph style in my document and called it Body Text. The font is Crimson Roman, 11 point, black fill, with tracking, leading, and paragraph inents applied as well.  I also have a style for pull quotes that uses a font caled Chunkfive, in 14-point size and rust color.


      I don't know what happened, but now whenever I either place, type or paste plain text into a text frame and apply the Body Text style, all the paragraph formatting is the same as the Body Text style, but the character attributes are Chunkfive and rust. If I place my cursor in the rust-colored Chunkfive text, the Body Text style in my Paragraph Styles panel is highlighted, but there is no plus sign indicating any overrides. If I right-click and choose "Edit Body Text" while the Chunkfive/rust text is selected, the style is as it should be in the Paragraph Options box, with the Crimson font and everything. The text frame has no Object Style applied to it, just the default basic text frame.


      This seems to have happened randomly. I have opened the document on another machine and it's happing there too.


      What's going on?


      InDesign CS6

      Mac OS 10.6.8 (iMac)

      Mac OS 10.7.x (MacBook)

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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          Check for a Character Style. You probably designated a default character style by selecting one while no text was active.

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            Prashant Bhatnagar Level 1

            As above said you have modified the defaults for Paragraph Style and Character Style. You can try deselecting all type from your document and click on [Basic Paragraph] in Paragraph styles and [None] on the Character Styles. That should correct your defaults.

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              Cheryl Graham Level 2

              Bingo. Thanks!

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                Eagle 5195

                I have exactly this problem and have had it before. I do not understand anything about the answers given. How do I 'deselect all type from your document' and where do I click [none] on Character Styles - I cannot find any reference to Character Styles when I try to edit the basic paragraph style - where is it?

                I am confused

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Character Styles are separate from Paragraph Styles. The have their own panel and a dropdown field on the Control Panel.

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                    Eagle 5195 Level 1

                    The problem began when I created a character style to mark the numbers that link to my end note so as to make them stand out better than a superscript. This was the first style I had created in this project. The basic paragraph style seems to have defaulted to this character style, corrupting my body text and all paragraph styles based on it. If I edit the Basic Paragraph style (using the Nested Styles option) it shows the Character Style as [None], so I cannot deselect it. I can overcome the problem by deleting the character style altogether, but that means I cannot use Character Styles.  What am I doing wrong her? 

                    For the moment I have tried creating a Character Style I have called 'Normal' which has none of the unwanted characteristics so that if my Basic Paragraph gets corrupted again I can set it back to 'Normal'.  To me this looks like a bug in Indesign, although that might be because I have misunderstood the principles behind Paragraph Styles and Character Styles.

                    I have had this problem twice previously. The last time I had to create a whole new project and start again from scratch, copying the text and graphics into it - a book of more than 200 pages. There has to be a better solution.

                    I am hoping someone can enlighten me.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Typically waht you describe is caused by having selected the character style with no text selected, which makes it the default. To fix the default, deselect all text but leave the text tool active, and set the character style to None.

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                        Eagle 5195 Level 1

                        OK - that does look like the explanation.  Surely Adobe should make that clear?  Nowhere is there any reference to 'default character style' or how to set it or how to change it.

                        I have tried searching Help and looked at tutorials on using styles. To me it looks and feels like a bug, and at the very least it fails the 'intuitive' test of good systems design.

                        Thanks very much for your help.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          You'd better get used to this. It's how all defaults are set in Adobe programs.