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    Problem processing cookie set in Java, in a CF function


      The cookie, uuuid, is set in a jsp (on a server running websphere). 


      Cookie uuuid = new Cookie("uuuid","emailaddr");




      I then send myself to the other side (a CF server)




      On the CF server, I have a function that tries to process the cookie and store its value into a another cookie that lives on this host.

      As opposed to the host it was first set on. But...


      Cookie info = null;

      Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies();

      if (cookies != null) {

        for (int i=0; i < cookies.length; i++) {

              info = cookies[i];

              String cookiename= info.getName();

              if (cookiename.equals("uuuid")) {

                if (!info.getValue().equal("")) {

                    cfcookie name=SCL_AUTHDUSER value="#info.getValue()#"   




      } } } }

      generates this error: Variable INFO is undefined. Line: 67


      I have the required delimiting less than and greater than symbols for cfcookie

      I just keep losing the cfcookie line everytime I add those delimiters to this posting. Very frustrating as well.

      Anyway around the Cold Fusion error?  Thanks for any and all information,


      Nelson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------