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    ColdFusion Builder 2 - a downgrade?!


      I cannot believe how bad CFB2 is!  I have been using CFB1 since beta and I love it.  When CFB2 was first released, I installed the trial and quickly learned that I need to revert back to CFB1.  I recently installed CFB2 on a client machine, probably more than a year later, hoping that things were better, and once again I am having to uninstall!


      Here's what is wrong:

      1. All of the keyboard shortcuts that I use were replaced by more difficult key combinations and I cannot customize them back because there are conflicts with stuff I don't use.  I can live with this, but why?
      2. Find and replace within selelected text area DOES NOT WORK!  Unbelievable!  Someone told me you simply select the text and it knows to search and replace only selected text.  It replaced all occurances on the page!
      3. File search used to display results in tree format with list of occurrences under each.  This is invaluable and gone!  You can either see a tree or a list.  What good is that?!

      I understand the CFB3 is in development.  Is anybody listening?  Is there anywhere to post my complaints that will be seen by the developers?  Is anyone else experiencing these problems?


      Back to CFB1  : (

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          I found CFB 2.0.1 to be pretty much stable enough to use. I found CFB 1.0 to be of alpha quality, and CFB 2.0 to be like public-beta-quality. The product's history is a demonstration of shoddy work, and shoddy project management (I suspect the former is caused by the latter... I'm sure the developers themselves would not have released such poor quality - seemingly unfinished - work if it was left up to them).


          That said, all of your points are not correct, I'm afraid.


          1. You can unmap any existing bindings, and then remap them how you want.
          2. Yes, it does work. The one glitch is you must do the localised search & replace on a SAVED file. If the file is not saved, it doesn't work, you're right. This is shoddy work on the part of Adobe, but you can work around it.
          3. The file search output for me is the same as it's ever been (which seems to be the default Eclipse file search results format).


          So I think you're mistaken on 1, correct on 2 but it can be worked around, and there's clearly more than meets the eye to 3, as we're seeing two different things, it seems.


          Can you do a Jing or something of the process you use to do a file search?




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            ewpdesign Level 1

            Here's what I do:


            I select a directory in the navigator window.  I click the the filesearch (flashlight icon in toolbar).  I put in my search text, select the file name patterns and select scope = Selected resources.  In the search results panel it returns the results, but only the directory and filename in the tree view.  You cannot see the occurrences listed under each file.  You have to double-click on each file and open them to see the occurrences.  You can switch the view to occurence list (or something like that) and then the tree view goes away.  Not cool.


            Although I have already uninstalled, I may have to use the next version eventually.  I could not see a way to override the custom key combination.  The only button highlighted was "restore".  For example, I was trying to change insert <cfset back to CTRL+=.  It would not let me.  CTRL+SHIFT+M for comment is SO much easier that CTRL+T,M, which was the replacement pattern for most of the shortcuts that I use.  : (


            Thanks alot for your input!

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              Adam Cameron. Level 5

              Having clicked the flashlight icon, what was the title of the tab you ended up on? I seem to recall that by default it's some sort of crap Aptana-driven search, which was rubbish (and checking it now, behaves how you describe). You don't NEED to use that search form, you can use the FILE SEARCH one, which is the one you were recalling. Indeed you can simply switch off the Aptana search option completely by using the "customise" button at the bottom of the dialogue.


              From memory there are two key-bindings screens in the config. One that is CF-specific in which one cannot unbind keys, and the general Eclipse on from which one can do unbinds. So unbind first, then rebind. This is from memory though (basically I can't be arsed going to check, sorry ;-)