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    Chapter Markers shift after build in Encore when using PP dynamic lnk

    David Gardner Level 1

      When I create a sequence complete with perfectly placed chapter markers in Premiere Pro CS6 and send it to Encore via the dynamic link everything appears fine (it even simulates perfectly) until I build a DVD in Encore. After the build in Encore most of the chapter markers have shifted and are no longer perfectly placed. It's as if Encore encodes the video without regard to the chapter marker information and then adds them onto the already encoded video where they have limitations on which GOP frames they can appear. Shouldn't Encore take the chapter markers into account while encoding the video? The way around this I found is to export the sequence from PP and then import the video into Encore. All is well if I do it this way but I like the advantages of dynamic link. Encore just doesn't seem to respect the chapter marker information. Am I missing something or is this just a flaw in Encore?