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    Settings of  live stream for FMS 4.5 on Amazon


      Hi. We are cureently have an issue with setting up an outcoming stream for a livechat. We are using FMS 4.5 on Amazon and OSMF player. When streaming from FMLE everything is working fine. But when streaming from  as3  we receive  buffering status of OSMF player and  wornings in amazon server:


      Warning from libf4f.so: [Utils] [1cbec29179f3616a6b284fc9ecc029d8] [1cbec29179f3616a6b284fc9ecc029d8] FMS F4F recording received timestamps with absolute time flowing backward lastTime held was 2109435 and the most recent arrived was 2107876.  This message is being ignored - recording will continue.


      Stream settings are:


      _streamCam = Camera.getCamera();

      _streamCam.setMode (640,480,30,true);

      _streamCam.setQuality (1200 * 1024, 90);



      var pH264Settings:H264VideoStreamSettings = new H264VideoStreamSettings();

      pH264Settings.setProfileLevel(H264Profile.BASELINE, H264Level.LEVEL_3_1);




      Also Adobe resommends to enable streamsynchronization like it is done for FMLE:


      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashmediaserver/devguide/WSd391de4d9c7bd609-52e437a812a3725df a0-8000.html





                  <!-- "true" to enable this feature, "false" to disable.                    -->



      Is it possible to do the same for AS3 Netstream? If so, please tell the name of  a proppety.


      Please kindly, advise.