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    Can I make a sitemap of a flash website?


      I am a Dutch writer and I've made my own flash website, with practically no knowledge of flash whatsoever. I hope you can help me with this topic. I was wondering: is it possible to make a sitemap of the different links integrated in the flash design? I tried using A1 Sitemap Generator 4, which does recognise the flash navigation, but this doesn't change anything in the sitemap it generates. Does anyone know whether it's possible to map the links and make the texts more visible for Google?


      My website is www.shirakeller.nl, by the way. It's in Dutch, but I would be greatful if you'd like to have a look and help me with your comments!

      Many thanks in advance!


      Shira Keller


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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Nice site you have there, but I wonder why you have the need for indexing. I don´t see much content?

          As for Google: if they didn`t change anything in the last 5 years for the worse. Google managed to index and make your content visible to its searchengine since 2008.

          There are some Caveats, but if you stick to the standard formula (swf+html-wrapper you should be on the safe side).

          Read this, if you want more details about this.