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    cannot make transparent mask




      i have a footage1 with a screen showing some numbers, etc. and i have footage2 showing a football match.


      i want the screen to show the football match


      i created rectangular mask layer and made it a parent of footage2, also tried all TrkMat options on footage2 layer but the mask still remains solid white.


      how can i make that white triangle to show the football match? screen football.jpg

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          Navarro Parker Level 3

          Looks like your layer order is wrong.  Move the #2 motion tracking layer to the top. Then on your .MOV, change the track matte to Luma or Alpha matte.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            A track matte always uses the layer just above it. I assume that your "White Solid 5" is the masked layer you want to use as a track matte. I'm also assuming that you want to lock this track matte to the "Motion Tracking" layer. Making the "White Solid 5" layer the parent of the "Brazil ....mp4" layer means that the "Brazil..." layer will move with the "White Solid 5" layer. I don't know what is on the "Brazil..." layer but I don't think you want to move it. I don't see a "white triangle" so I'm assuming you mean White Rectangle.


            Let's start with what I think I know.

            1. You have a layer with numbers and other stuff. Name that layer 'numbers'
            2. You have a layer with footage of a football that you have tracked. Name that layer 'football'
            3. I see what I think is  a null in your comp. I think that is where the tracking info for the 'football' layer is. Name that layer 'footbalTrackNull'
            4. You have created a solid with a rectangular mask that you want to use as a track matte. Name that layer track matte

            I think that does it. If I'm right, then I'm guessing that you want to mask out the numbers layer and have it follow the football. I see a couple of problems. Your 'matte' layer looks like you have traced the outline of something not square to the camera. If that is the case you'll have to tell us.


            Set up your composition layers like this:

            1. matte - set footballTrackNull as the parent
            2. numbers - set to track matte - set footballTrackNull as the parent.
            3. football
            4. footballTrackNull

            The visibility of layer 1 will be turned off as soon as you apply the track matte. Position the matte over the football. The visibility of the 4th layer can be also set to off but it doesn't matter because it's a null.


            This will move the numbers and the matte layer together as they follow the footballTrackNull


            I hope this helps. The screenshot got us in the right direction but a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve would have also helped.

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              eiknachui Level 1

              thank you for reply Rick!


              and apologies for poorly written question..


              Your very first statement "A track matte always uses the layer just above it" was crucial in solving this problem for me - I was reasoning that track matte can be placed anywhere as long as proper parenting is applied.


              because i wanted the footage of football match to appear inside that mask/white rectangle i dragged numbers layer to 3rd place and put football to 2nd place + applied alpha matte - and I got the result i was dreaming of   ae prtscr.jpg

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8
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