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    Bridge List Fixed View?


      Is there a way to set the view preferences so list view does NOT resize thumbnails? Each start of my work day, I have to open a new window, change the view to "thumbnail grid", change to horizontal layout, then back to list view to maintain a fixed list view. I do NOT want my thumbnails in list view (or any other view) to be resized. This is annoying and frustrating. Ideally, I want my file windows to be in the same place every time without the need to resize and set each day. Can this be achieved in preferences and set workspace?


      Years ago, I worked with a utility called "Disktop". It was a great utility because the window was a fixed size. You could copy, move, rename, get info and more without the need to utilize the finder windows that were cluttering the display screen. Now, when I work in Bridge, I have to open two windows, one on top and one at bottom of screen so I can easily navigate, copy, move, files.


      Thanks for any info.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you have Bridge set to auto load on startup it will not remember any changes you make unless you quit by File/Exit.  To delete this option it is is advanced preferences.

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            Omke Oudeman Level 5

            Can this be achieved in preferences and set workspace?


            As I'm on a Mac Curt may have the correct advise for you. Currently I don't use open bridge at start up but I do always quit the application (either manual or using computer shut down that quits all running application itself) but both manual start or start at log in always opened with the last used workspace in same as it was left.


            So besides the deselect auto start also be sure to save your favorite workspace(s) (choose triangle next to workspace names/ new workspace and also include options for window location and sort options).


            When in trouble first try the same location whit the wished workspace selected and choose reset workspace.

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              misle_guy Level 1

              I tried the above but it did not work for me. I quit Bridge at the end of my day. I restart the app today and all icons in list view are huge! It shouldn't be this complicated to lock in a view without auto sizing the icons. Any other suggestions?


              I have also tried creating a new workspace AFTER I set the views. Once I name the new workspace, it automatically goes BACK to large icons.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                That is odd as it works for me in List.  Whatever setting I leave it in when I quit it returns to at startup.  I use Win 7.


                Do you have autoload on? 

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                  misle_guy Level 1

                  I'm on a mac using CS 5.5.


                  Bascially, I cannot grid lock the view after I set the content view I wish. I realize it may not be available for "list view", however, I'm puzzled why the list view auto resizes content window items. The only way the content items will stay a fixed size is when I go to thumbnail or other view, choose "horiz layout", then go back to list view. After I quit and restart the app, I have to repeat the steps. It does not matter if I save a workspace. It resizes the content list icons....doesn't make sense.


                  Auto load is off.

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                    Omke Oudeman Level 5

                    I'm on a mac using CS 5.5.


                    Using CS6 on MAC OSX 10.8.3 (which for Bridge CS5.5 would not make a big difference apart from transition to 64 bit). I tried several workspaces. My usual custom one and changed the content window to list view, also used the metadata and keywords default workspaces and in all cases enlarged the thumbnails using the slider bottom right in Bridge window.


                    Restarted bridge several times but it kept coming up with the chosen size of thumbs as did the switching between list view and thumbnails in my default workspace. I have enlarged the thumbs to maximum for testing in my default workspace and switching between thumbs and list kept also both predefined (my usual custom has much smaller thumbs) thumb sizes without problems.


                    Have you already tried a reset of preferences? restart bridge holding down option key and choose reset preferences. First try again and if OK set prefs again to your custom wishes.