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    Periodic Ribbon/Function Failure

    E_slinger Level 1

      Hello All,


      I installed presenter 8 a couple of weeks ago and loved it...however over the last couple of days, the functionality of the items in the Presenter Tab of the ribbon has become spotty.


      I will click on the buttons and options and nothing will happen...the item will light up as I hover, but it will not execute my request on click.


      For instance, clicking VIDEO does not launch the video app...and clicking Scene will give me the image options, but selecting one will not put it on to the screen.


      I have the file saved on the machine (not the network)

      If turn off the Add in, close powerpoint, open powerpoint, turn on the Add in, close power point, and open it again...powerpoint will crash, ask if I want to disable the add in (because it had a serious problem with it) and then when I open it (for the third time) functionality has been restored...for now.



      Any thoughts?