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    Recorded Animations Not Working In Presenter (8.0.1)


      My animation timings are not working when published to Presenter (8.0.1). Narration timing is good, but all the animations simply manifest one after the other, not as I recorded them as I clicked through (and yes each one is set for "click"). I also have the playback option set for "Use PPTX Slide Time"

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          flyingj481 Rockstar

          The animations do need to be set to "on click", but the timing must be configured within the Sync Audio tool. You can see this done in this tutorial: http://youtu.be/aIw6f7xppcE


          Presenter will not recognize the timing options set in PPT.

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            dbroom Newcomer

            Thanks for the fast reply. I did as you suggested and all worked fine in terms of audio syncing with the slide timing as I clicked through during the recording. However, now my issue is that the animations themselves do not animate, but rather just "pop" in (not in between slides but during the slides, the animations that happen on a "click" just pop in). Thoughts?

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              flyingj481 Rockstar

              You need to give time for the animation to happen. So if it has a slow fade as the animation and you cue the next animation .5 seconds later, it will force that animation to finish, or appear to pop in.

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                dbroom Newcomer

                thanks again for quick reply. Yes I understand about timings, we are experienced PPT designers, but new to Presenter. There are two animations. The first is "with previous" after the slide changes from the previous slide. Then the next happens on a "click." That one is set to a 1 second fade-in. There are no animations after this. The next click is the next slide. So when we did our recording we made sure there was plenty of time between when the slide faded up, the next click on the slide with the 1.0 fade-in, and the final click to the next slide. Yet, with this approach, the 1.0 fade-up animation just pops. Any other thoughts?

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                  flyingj481 Rockstar

                  It may be related to the the first animation set to with previous. There is a known issue with Presenter when dealing with slides that have a mix of on-click and with/after previous animations:


                  • Adobe Presenter audio cannot be synchronized correctly with animations if a slide contains a mix of on-click animations and after/previous animations.

                  Workaround: For the Adobe Presenter audio to sync correctly, ensure that all animations on a slide are on-click animations.


                  The most commonly seen issues with Presenter can be found here: http://helpx.adobe.com/presenter/kb/top-issues-presenter-8.html


                  The best option may be to elminate animation elements untill you can identify the one that is causing the issue. I suppose it could be something like the object that is animated (I've seen non JPEG/GIF images do odd things) is not converting to Flash properly. I don't believe it is the animation, as the fade-in animation has worked for years.

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                    dbroom Newcomer

                    Yes that seems to be the issue. When I set all animations to trigger on a click instead of a mix of click and after/previous they worked fine. And it is not the type of image as JPEGS had the same issue. But gosh, that really limits the flexibility to really tell a good story using PPT and Presenter. Many times we want multiple images appearing together on a click and the only way to do this is to set them to with/after or with/previous. Also, images appearing immediately after a slide transitions into another is also compelling, again using the after/previous feature. To have to do everything with only a click, quite limiting. But it is what it is. Hope this gets ironed out at some point. Thanks for all of your help, certainly appreciated.

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                      VJMendoza Newcomer

                      Hi... just wanted to add my 2 cents to this issue - as I have just encountered it. 


                      For the record, I have been using Presenter for about 5 years now and have always used combinations of on-click and after previous animations.  I was even using them with Presenter 8 as recently as March 2013.  It wasn't until I had my MS Office upgraded from 2007 to 2010 that I experienced this problem.  So it leads me to believe it is more of a compatibility issue with PPT 2010.  Wish I could go back to Office 2010, as this is going to cost me a lot of extra work.