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    QTP 11 unable to identify Flex objects


      Hi Team,


      We are currently trying to automate an Web based application which is developed in Flex and are facing some strange issues while recognizing objects.


      To recognize flex objects we follow two approaches:

      1. Runtime approach: Here we load automation SWF which contains automation libraries in the application and then try to identify objects but QTP failed to do so. Although using the same approach we were able to get success with older flex versions.

      2. Compile time approach: In this, We compile our application with automation libraries and then try to recognize objects. But here we experienced some strange behavior.

           a. Object spy does not work, it hangs. Every time we open spy, we have to restart QTP.

           b. We are not able to add object in Object Repository (OR), when we try to add objects, all objects are identified as WinObjects!

           c. When we record, it records most of the statements in proper hierarchy and also adds objects in OR! Which we can re-run. Only recording works and that too not for all objects.


      Some more information:

      About AUT: Web based application developed using Flex

      Browser used: IE8

      Add-ins used: Web, Visual Basic, Java, Flex 4.5.0, AIR 2.6.0

      QTP Version: 11.00



      Please suggest me some solution for this.



      Anand Shrivastava