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    "Cannot contact reliable source" error




      I'm trying to download version 11 of flash player but keep getting this error, it will either be 12% with my secuirty settings on, or 47% with security settings off.  My husband's PC has the same problem.  I'm on Windows XP home edition 2002, 32 bit, and my browser is firefox. I use AVG as my internet security.


      I have tried everything! and i've been round this forum a few times looking at your solutions with people who have had the same problems.  I even deleted my old version of flashplayer (version 10) as it was one of the suggestions, but that didn't work either.  And now I am completely flash playerless...


      We have wireless internet but have never had a problem downloading anything else. 


      I uninstalled flash player using my add/remove programs, rebooted and tried to install it again, with my secuirty settings off, and got the same error.

      I tried to download the uninstaller on your site but got some long error message that ended with ".....is not a valid Win32 application". I got this same error when trying to download flash player with your direct links dotted all over the forum. 

      I tried the common flash player issues but that didn't help either.  And yes I do close firefox when installing flashplayer.


      I have no idea what else to do and when I try to search google for other options it keeps giving me your website, so i'm going round in circles, I've been at this for hours and all i've managed to do is delete my old version of flash.


      Please help, and please don't redirect me to your troubleshooting and flash player issues as neither tackles this problem directly.