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    What could fix my speed issue?


      Hi Guys, I recently bought CS6 Production Premium on a Student Discount - I got a new laptop earlier this year with the intent to use it for lots of my editing, however lots of the time when I am editing either 1080i (the format our school cameras record in) or 1080p from our Canon 650D, even with the preview quality set on 1/2 or 1/4, the video can become jumpy and out of sync with the audio, usually solved by stopping the video, rewinding and then starting again. I'm currently editing a production for my school, the videos of the camcorders were MTS files (AVCHD), which I edited separately at first in a multicamera sequence, then exported into a H.264 video for editing in a new sequence (I'm probably crazy doing it this way round, but I'm still learning Premiere Pro) and it can happen every few minutes. The specs of my laptop are below - it's a Sony Vaio, and I believe I met all the specs except the HDD speed (my question!)


      Product ID : SVE1512C5E

      Description : Laptop SV-E1512C5E - Configurable

      Price  :               538,48

      Memory : 6 GB 1600 MHz DDR3-SDRAM

      Hard drive : 500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)

      Graphics : AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7650M 2GB

      Battery : Battery life up to 4 hours

      Keyboard Style : Backlight keyboard

      Sony Creative software : No Imagination Studio Suite

      Optical Drive : Blu-ray Disc(TM) writer

      Wireless LAN : Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11bgn)

      Processor : Intel® CoreTM i5-3210M, 2.5GHz

      Display : 39.5cm LED 1366 x 768 + webcam

      Finishes : Black

      McAfee Security Software : No protection

      Adobe® Creation : No Adobe Creation

      Adobe® Lightroom® : No Adobe® Lightroom 4

      Microsoft® Office 2010 : Office 2010 Trial

      Operating system : Windows 8

      Language and keyboard : English (QWERTY)


      Could the hard drive be the reason behind my issue? The requirements said it should be 7200rpm, but this drive is only 5400rpm. If it is, I'd rather not have to change the drive, but look at an external hard drive instead.

      I found on Amazon a Seagate 2tb USB 3.0 hard drive, if I stored all my editing files on that, would I see a speed difference? If not, what else would you suggest?


      Thanks in advance.




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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          (AVCHD), which I edited separately at first in a multicamera sequence, then exported into a H.264 video for editing in a new sequence (I'm probably crazy doing it this way round, but I'm still learning Premiere Pro)

          Not at all a good idea unless you have a severely underpowered system.

          Hard drive : 500 GB Serial ATA (5400 rpm)

          Could the hard drive be the reason behind my issue?

          This HD is below recommended specification

          (which is considered the bare minimum).

          Buying an external USB3 drive is not likely to solve your problems.


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            Jeff Bellune Level 6

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              JonITB Level 1

              So what would you suggest to solve it then? & what would you do instead for the Multicamera Editing?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                It is a combination of factors that make it almost impossible to edit anything more than DV and even then your screen resolution makes you work in the blind, because you can't even see the whole UI.


                All you need is a better CPU, more memory, better disk setup and bigger screen resolution. Your system does not even meet minimum requirements and is woefully inadequate. In short, a complete new laptop with at least 900 vertical resolution, two separate 7200 disks or one 7200 disk plus a SSD, at least 8 GB memory and an i7 quad core with HT and even then it will be very slow.


                For multicam you really need a desktop with even better specs, i7-3770K, 16 GB, nVida GTX 650 TI Boost, three 7200 disks are about practical minimum.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  Welcome to the forums


                  There is a known problem in CS6 with AVCHD H.264 long files and since you only have laptop with a dual core processor, not enough RAM, single slow disk, less than Adobes minimum screen area, no eSATa port, and a AMD/ATI graphics chip that cannot do MPE GPU acceleration with CS6; you are bound to have problems. 


                  Maybe some one here can suggest a better way to handle your files like transcoding to something else. you can try a USB 3 disk drive but USB devices have had a history of underperforming.  The newer USB 3 devices can give decent performance but I have even heard of problems with those who have tried them.


                  Take a look at our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5).  Here are results from 1241 (today) tested computers.and in the second tab "Computer Type" select "Laptops" and then click on the column heading "Phys. Cores" and it will show the results of all 2 core laptops at the top of the list.  You will be lucky if you tested your nVidia-less system to place on the bottom of this performance list at 1200 out of the 1241.


                  Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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                    RjL190365 Level 5



                    Note that even with dual-core laptops selected, all of those that are at the bottom of the list are based on the seriously outdated Core 2 Duo CPU architecture. The OP has a Ivy Bridge CPU-based dual-core laptop, and it's clocked reasonably high relative to all those Core 2 Duo laptops (though clocked lower than some of them). However, since that laptop does not have a CUDA GPU, that system would rank below the three Sandy Bridge-based dual-core laptops with CUDA-enabled GPUs. In addition, since none of the dual-core laptops in the results list were running CS6, expect that i5-3210M-based laptop without a CUDA-capable GPU to fall to around rank #1150 out of 1242.


                    And yes, I agree with those who say that USB can be problematic: That type of connector (at the cable/plug connection to the motherboard's or case's USB port) is a bit unstable (physically) to begin with. It was designed for convenience first, with reliability being completely irrelevant in its design. It's a shame that the opposite end of a typical USB cable (at the device) is much more stable than the connection at the computer end of the cable.

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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      ....I have an i7 laptop WITH an NVidia CUDA card......and MTS files are difficult to edit natively.....esp.with more than one track.  This AVCHD MTS particular codec is harder to edit than the Canon MOV files from my DSLR.

                          However, you CAN improve things without buying a whole new laptop to temporarily get by.....it'll still be slow....but, better.


                      A.   USE THE USB3 high speed  external port.....connect a cheap, ( $30-50) external USB3 DOCK and plug into it ANY 2.5",or, 3.5" HDD (7,200rpm),or, SSD for a fast location to place your media,( video files)AND all cache and preview files.......project files can remain on slow internal "C" drive.

                            A super fast,great SSD....the Crucial M4.....has been on sale recently for CHEAP!!!!   Ideally, you would make BOTH drives M4's....and scrap the 5400rpm drive. Using USB 3 is buggy....you have to UNCHECK box in Windows device manager ( under "USB3 Root Hub"), which allows Windows to SHUT OFF the drive whenever it wants!

                      THEN, if drive still won't work right.....enter BIOS on startup and make sure correct selection is made concerning USB3 controller....I had to select "E" something....rather than "X" something to get it to work....now OK with Windows reporting over 300MB per sec. transfers between my internal M4 SSD and external Corsair Force 120 SSD !!!


                      B. MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOU :   you will have to do like everyone in "the old days"....like 2 years ago......and TRANSCODE the sections of footage you want to use as source material into a more "edit friendly" codec for your PC and PPro. Unless you are doing pristeen broadcast work..... esp.as a student.....using MPEG 2 is a fine compromise...yes, you lose a little because of compression, ( not really noticeable...you can test).....but, it stays HD and is MUCH easier for you to work with without creating massive files that need a fast data rate to run......you can reseach many other codecs which will work on weaker, older computers. The free DNxHD for Windows works, too.


                      C. REALIZE that if you really like to edit HD video a lot........READ THIS FORUM THOROUGHLY and STUDY the PPBM 5, ( 6&7) websites to learn as much as you can about what hardware and what setups work...and what doesn't....before spending any money !!! ALSO REALIZE that continuing to edit on your current system may be HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH .....CAUSING PREMATURE BALDNESS AND ALZHEIMER'S SYNDROME, AS BY THE TIME YOUR MACHINE FINISHES RENDERING....YOU WILL BE DROOLING OUT OF THE CORNER OF YOUR MOUTH IN A WHEELCHAIR AT THE  "RETIRED VIDEO EDITORS OLD AGE RESORT" IN SUN CITY ARIZONA !!!!!!!


                      *** almost forgot!!!!....connect , using HDMI port, an external HDTV or monitor to see entire user interface......you can select the external as a timeline monitor,or, use it for the PPro interface with the laptop screen as the timeline monitor.


                      Also, INCREASING YOUR SYSTEM MEMORY MAY HELP......the Sony website says you have 8GB memory....not 6......if you only have two slots, it STILL may be possible to place two matching 8GB sticks in there.......this would help, if possible to do.


                      best solution : ....BUY NEW MACHINE !!!!!