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    How many sequences and peices of footage can Premiere handle?

    mikeeap617 Level 1

      I am working a dance competition with about 500 dances (500 different pieces of footage) and I create a sequence for each dance, then export a 30 second clip for customers to view. I am having a problem with Premiere where it will drop a lot of the Index Files and Conformed Audio Files out of the temporary file location. Then it will re-index and re-conform all the missing ones. Is there a limit in Premiere for how many pieces of footage it can keep conformed at one time and if so is there a way to change it? I have a job coming up where I will be doing about 900 dances and I want to make sure that Premiere will be able to handle all this work. I am using a Dell Precision M4700 with an i7 quad core running at 2.70 Ghz with 8GB of ram and a Samsung 840 SSD.

      Thanks in advance for the help.