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    ColdFusion 10 / SQL Server windows authentication

    Prem Radhakrishnan

      Windows 2008 Server , IIS 7 , SQL Server 2012 and ColdFusion 10/9 .


      In ColdFusion 9, I had all my datasources using integrated authentication by running the ColdFusion Application Server under a windows account and then giving that user account access to the databases. Then while creating the datasource just leave the username and password blank and voila it connects.  By doing this I could stick with the Windows only authentication policy for SQL Server and did not have to enable any SQL logins.


      When I migrated to ColdFusion 10 none of the datasources work anymore in the same scenario. It gives a JDBC error. I double checked the services and made sure that the ColdFusion Application Server process is running under the correct user but no luck.


      Has something changed ?