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    Render left eye and right eye in cs6


      Hi there,


      I have a video that it is 3D Stereo in after effects and it is on anaglyth mode ( added a camera, second mouse button, camera, create stereo 3D rig ) and i have all set. But now how i render the left and right eye, with out the anaglyth look?

      Cause now in the main comp where is the Stereo 3D Controls, both comps are off ( that is normal) but when i enter in the both comps i notice that they are not offsseting as they supose to do ( or how it doing on the main comp) I notice that the left and right comp have been offset to left and right but the image is not moving, and if i the layers as 3D i will have a gap, and if i try to compensate the by incrising the size of the comp, the gap is even bigger. so I dont know how to do it. Can anyone help me?