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    Batch convert .html to .csv on Mac


      I have over 2,000 html files developed in Dreamweaver that were regexed to text only without any html code so that three fields of data can be extracted into csv files for use with another program (which requires csv files).


      What's the best way on a Mac to batch resave/convert the html files to csv files (with or without Dreamweaver)?


      I will then need to concatenate all these csv files into a single file.




      I found a solution that might interest a few people now or later.


      .csv files are very plain text files, and you can save a .html file with .csv at the end instead, and it will open in programs like OpenOffice. It's also possible to change the file extension manually with the file closed in Finder.


      So all I had to do was download Name Munger 1.7.3 (free) to change the file extension to .csv on multiple files.



        Because the CSVs are text files, you can combine with them with the cat command in Terminal:  cat a.csv b.csv c.csv > outputfile