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    Save a brochure as PDF and keep the typical broshure structure (NOT for printing)

    ChrisKoethe Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I created a brochure with the help of Indesign and I want to save it as a PDF file and send it via Email to people (so I do NOT want to print it), and thereby it shall keep the "typical" broshure structure (single cover page, then douple pages and a single last page) - so I want it to stay exactly how I created it in Indesign.

      But if I export it I always get only single pages (so the douple-pages are NOT next to eacht other).

      I am sure there is an easy solution, but I cannot find it and have searched for the answer all day long, but did not find it...


      Could you maybe help me? That'd be awesome!


      Thank you!



      PS. This is an example (Lufthansa magazine) how I want it to look like: http://www.lhm-lounge.de/downloads/standardbeitrag/596488/lh_1304_inter.pdf

      PSS. I am using Windows 2010 and got the newest versions of Indesign (CS6) and Acrobat...