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    Photoshop CS3 does not accept serial number


      I have been running a valid copy which I registered when I installed. Recently get a message to uninstall, re-install then contact support. When contacting support, they say the SN is invalid and refer me here. I registered the SN three years ago, and it is no longer there. I have CS3 Dreamweaver, and InDesign which the registration is no loger in the myProducts file either. I haven't tested, but am assuming I will have a similar problem with them as well.


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          TLL... Level 3

          Do you have some type of eveidence that you purchased the software from Adobe or a authorized seller? I have no practical experiance with this but if you have proof you should be able to go back to Adobe support and have your serial # reactivated. I have done that for occasions where a HD crash used up too many activations..

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            lbailey678 Level 1

            I bought it from a dealer on eBay, and keep in mind it's CS3. Adobe says the serial number is invalid, and keeps reffering me here. The serial number went through three years ago when I insatlled it, and worked until just recently. I think the support people don't want to deal with it because it is so old. I bought PS, InDesign, and Dreamweaver all at CS3 so they would all work together, and it was all I could afford at the time.

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              Bought it on EBay?  Odds are about 99.9% that it is pirated.

              The serial number probably didn't go through, the pirated version just said it went through.

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                lbailey678 Level 1

                I haven't had any problems until now. Maybe it's time to get something new.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  OP you wrote the serial number worked three years ago when you install CS3 on your machine.  Your either a lair, telling the truth, a pirate or have a failing memory and are not installing from the same pirate media used three years ago. I do believe the serial you have is invalid as that is what Adobe keeps telling you. Now if your being truthful should now know you were duped, were taken. 


                  I'll buy hardware off ebay for I think selling stolen hardware wouldn't be common on ebay sellers would need a source of stolen hardware to have a supply to sell.  Software is a different matter its easy to replicate cracked software any computer or copier can be used. 


                  If you get something new get it from the right place.  If you get something from Adobe buy from Adobe retailer prices will not be much lower and Adobe records will show your legal user.

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                    JJ - don't be so harsh.


                    Many of the pirated software packages appear to validate the serial number, but don't actually contact Adobe (the pirates change the code or networking to bypass authentication).  Most people who bought pirated copies of CS3 off of EBay, Amazon marketplace, or even a few less scrupulous retailers,  just don't even realize that they have pirated software -- since it came in a very authentic looking box and installed without errors.  It's only when they try to purchase an upgrade, install updates, or contact Adobe for other validation that they learn that they have pirated software.

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      Chris Yes but he was not trying to upgrade. If they had used the pirate install again  it would have fool him again, seem to work, they would still be in the dark.   They must have used a real install and when the bogus serial failed contacted Adobe.  They just can not seem to understand they were duped by an unscrupulous seller. I was not trying to be any harsher  then your append it was meant to help them understand what went down.

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                        This exact same thing happened to me over the weekend. The version that I have was not purchased off of eBay. I registered it in 2007. When I contacted support, they verified my serial number but still directed me to the forums. Photoshop seems to be working but it shows a registration connection failure when I go to Help>Registration.

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                          Um, by that description you have a completely different issue.


                          The OP has an invalid serial number.

                          You have what appears to be valid, but cannot connect to the servers to register.

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                            lbailey678 Level 1

                            I have always tried to do whats right here, I bought an older version of Photoshop because that was what I could afford. If I got screwed, thats my problem, and I will move on. I don't appreciate being called a liar. I came to this forum for help, not abuse.


                            I received the program on a standard disk, and thought I had purchased a valid copy. I had no troubles for over three years, but something timed out, and notified Adobe which has rendered it unusable. Thanks for the help.

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                              mooner70 Level 1


                              I  guess what I should have said is that the same thing happend to me as far as opening the app and getting the message that said I needed to uninstall and re-install. Do you have any idea why I can not register my copy that has been registered for over 5 years?

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                                No idea, and Customer Support should have helped you with that or given you more information.


                                You might get more specific help from the install and setup forum (where they just deal with these issues): http://forums.adobe.com/community/download_install_setup?view=overview

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                                  lbailey678 Level 1

                                  Thanks. I have a copy of Corel Draw, and have been using it instead, may just blow it off until I can afford something new.

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                                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                                    Morals of the story:


                                    • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
                                    • Never, ever, buy software off eBay.


                                    Can't say I recall ever seeing a message that states simply "Uninstall and reinstall the software."  Did it say anything else besides that?