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    Flash Player won't work with Amazon Instant Watch

    Janina Gricius

      When I try to use Amazon Instant Watch after having downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, I get an error message that says, "Playback Error: Sorry we are unable to stream this video.  This is likely because your Flash Player needs to be updated."  I'm using a MacBook Pro MAC OSX 10.7.3, Safari version 5.1.5, and my Flash Player is updated to version (which is the most recent version) - why won't it work.  I've tried uninstalling AFP, and reinstalling, but nothing helped.  Also, after installing it, it doesn't show up that it is anywhere on my laptop, it only shows that I have the Abode Flash Player Install Manager. 

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Janina,

          I've tried this on my Macbook Pro but couldn't reproduce the problem.  Have you tried asking Amazon or posting on the Amazon forums to see if they have seen this before?



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            Mom EF

            I'm having the same problem.  Have most current player on iMac with Lion (I keep software updated regularly), and it won't work. Have used troubleshooting with no help.  Says to clear a Native-something cache and there is no such file/folder on my computer...

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              I have been abused by Amazon for three months now. Used MSIE, FireFox, Chrome. Updated the browsers, updated the Flash again and again. Still can't watch Amazon streaming video at all except sometimes in Chrome. Some videos play, others refresh the video only once every 3 seconds or so.


              I can watch HBO, Hulu, others, no problem in any browser but Amazon keeps generating the "maybe your flash browser needs an update" error message, which is bogus. Have cleared the caches, that's bogus.


              There is something very wrong with the way Flash works for Amazon's version, and Amazon now claims they have been working with a special team at Adobe because this is a "known issue" and a problem "with Adobe".


              A Vista backup drive works fine in the same machine, a Win7 (clean install) drive has all the above problems. Bottom line is that Flash works just fine--for everything except Amazon, and that says something Amazon is doing, like special DRM, is the real problem.


              Shame on you both (Amazon and Adobe) for not speaking up and acknowledging there is a problem with how the two of you are doing things.


              Forget clearing the cache, the sad solution is dump Amazon video, everyone else works just fine. And Flash? Well, great, a continuous security problem and now it doesn't even play movies. Isn't that impressive.

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                I accessed online chat with Amazon today. The problem on the mac is the silverlight plugin and/or trying to access HD videos which will not work on the mac right now. Go to: http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/removing-silverlight-mac.aspx for instructions on how to uninstall silverlight by accessing the plugins on your hard drive. Go to Amazon Prime Video in Safari or Firefox (as Chrome is not reliable for streaming Amazon Prime Videos) and deselect HD video. When movie is loading you will be asked whether you want to use silverlight or Adobe Flash. Choose Adobe Flash and your video should stream. I am so glad that I tried to use the system solutions before trashing Amazon unfairly.


                Please post whether this works for you. If not, go to Amazon.com and search for "contact us." Choose online chat and a technician will guide you through the process.


                Best of luck!


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                  That's it, badmouth people for "bashing" a system TWO YEARS AGO when you only know that it works now, two years and dozens ofsoftware updates later.


                  Amazon still deserves to be bashed if it took them two years to catch up with everyone else who was doing video streaming, and doing it without those problems. And after all this time they still blame Adobe for the entire problem, and no one has bothered apologizing to the customers who wasted their time and money on a product simply wasn't ready for real-world deployment.


                  Of course the problem might have been in the Adobe software, but apparently Amazon were the only people who had that consistent long-term problem with it. Not that Adobe software is perfect, how hard has Adobe worked to earn the title of "A security flaw wrapped in great software" ? Every time you turn off Adobe update checks, the next update turns them back on again. Constantly trying to swat the security flaws they constantly seem to miss.


                  Hold them all to a higher standard. High school kids in band camp can write better code.