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    keyboard shortcuts to user-scripts don't persist

    Stephan Moebius Level 1

      Dear Adobe,


      theres a behavior of indesign thats driving me crazy. Every now and then i am forced to  repair and re-assign all my custom keyboard shortcuts to my user-scripts. That's lot of work.

      This is the case when i had to flush the indesign preferences (most often in order to repair a disfunctioning palette). Indesign will then re-index the scripts with new internal unique identifiers and the keyboard shortcuts won't match the old unique identifiers anymore and get shuffled into chaos.


      Also, this is preventing me from sharing my preferences over severall computers via a networked folder containing the preferences and shortcuts.


      IT ALMOST WORKS! I can sync all my prefernces, colorsettings, workspaces etc. via Dropbox on 3 different computers.   But the shuffling of user-script unique identifiers keeps it from working for the keyboard shortcuts.


      Please consider to find a solution to this in your next patch.


      Is there any way to influence the assigned unique identifiers for the scripts to sync them on different computers?


      kind regards,

      Stephan Möbius