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    Windows 8 install issues


      I use an old version of PS to start with when my system crashes PS 6.0, then install CS2 upgrade then CS5 upgrade ... have done that for years, windows 8 wipes out PS and went to reinstall PS 6.0- it will not recognize the serial # which stops me dead.  1st chat person verifies the serial # and says not to include the "dash" ok, still rejects it- subsequent chat persons are too lazy or too young to know it's a valid serial # and claim it's not- have offered to scan it in to prove it is a purchased copy.  So far two requests to support have gone unanswered.  I have tons of money and time invested in upgrades, adobe has left me swinging in the wind- any help?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Do you really NEED all those old versions running on your system?


          You can install the latest version without having installed the prior ones, even though it's an upgrade license.  There's a point in the installation process where you can specify just the serial number of the qualifying older version.