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    Internal Software Error message


      On both my MacBook Pro and MacPro and 3 different drives, I get a similar error message each time I try to burn a DVD.


      internal software error: /volumes/builds/mango/main/xcodeprojects/authorcore/../../Sonic/DVDCreator/FormatLib/Volu lator/TitlePlanner/CVOBUPlanner.cpp, line 332


      On my MacBook Pro replace Mango with Amawat


      any idea what is happening?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is the DISPLAY of a message created by the Sonic authorcore... which seems to be related to a title


          Since the Sonic modules don't belong to Adobe, figuring out the exact meaning of such messages is not always easy

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            The_Digital_Attic Level 1

            The only titles I’ve made were in Premiere Pro, is that what you are referring to as Sonic?  I’ve used that and never had this issue before, in fact, this is the first time it has ever happened.  I burned a version of this project a couple of weeks ago without any problem, now need to burn a beta version of this for a class tomorrow.  Do not want to have to rebuild it on a school computer and need to resolve for future projects.




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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Adobe licensed the guts of Encore from Sonic (later bought by Roxio). Error messages from that Sonic "authorcore" - as well as many other Encore error messages - are often rather cryptic. The message comes from a path of vobulator (vob - Encore must mix together the video and audio streams to create th VOB files of DVD specs) and TitlePlanner. I don't know if that has anything to do with a title. And in any event, a title from Premiere, once it is in Encore, is part of a video stream. Title more likely refers to a DVD "title" (a timeline).


              Click the "Discussons" lnk at the bottom of this page, then in the "Ask a Question" box at the top of the page, put "CVOBUPlanner.cpp, line 332." I have not looked at the links, but they may give you some troubleshooting options.