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    Subversion 1.7 support, as written in the product overview?




      I read about Subversion 1.7 support on Dreamweaver CS 5.5 product overview. ( http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/pressmaterials/pdfs/cs55_dreamweaver_whatsnew.pd f )

      Some documents state 1.6.9 but I think 1.7 should be in the recent DW.  I've downloaded and tried CS 5.5, however the library version is still 1.6.9. Tried a clean checkout from the local 1.7.0 Subversion Edge Server using Dreamweaver CS 5.5 with no success.


      + The test on the setup dialog succeeds ("the server and project are accessible!").

      + I can browse the repo in the file window.

      + I can see the revisions, and open a repo file using the 'view' button on the revision history dialog.


      When I try to initially checkout the empty working folder I get : "file activity failed!". The saved log file states:


      SVN: #0, Path 'http://xxxx:80/svn/xxxxxx/trunk/www' is not canonicalized; there is a problem with the client.

      File activity complete.



      PS: I also have Tortoise 1.7.1 installed, but the problematic checkout was to a new clean folder, not touched by Tortoise.


      So what's wrong?

      If I sacrifice Tortoise, can I make DW work with the local subversion edge server by just uninstalling Tortoise?


      Thank you.