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    Cannot select through transparency in .png

    Darren 67


      I'm new to Edge Animate, coming from a Flash background.


      While working on a simple (rough) image gallery to try out Edge. I noticed an issue of not being able to select through the  transparency of a png image.

      My gallery has the buttons under the knockouts of the Nav Bar frames. I noticed the png was the issue after I checked all the code and tested the gallery with the Nav Bar temporally deleted and the buttons worked.


      My work around will be to Photoshop the button images to fit over the Nav Bar openings.



      Just wanted to bring up this issue because I'm not sure if it's a bug or normal for Edge.


      Best regards,





      Buttons have to be top level items within EDGE.



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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hi Darren,


          You're not doing anything wrong - PNGs by nature don't allow you to click through the transparent spots. The whole image is considered an element. This isn't a limitation of Animate, it's just how HTML works.


          There is one thing you can try to have the cursor ignore the entire image. Enter this in your compositionReady event for the stage:




          ...and change pictureName to the name of your element as it appears in the elements panel.


          Caveat emptor, this technique doesn't work in IE.



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            Darren 67 Level 1

            Hi Sarah,

            Thank you for the information and pointing me in the right direction.