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    Contents and Index tabs showing garbage characters in Asian languages (RoboHelp 10)

    Tami Settergren Level 1

      The Japanese and Chinese CHM files I received from my translator show the correct Asian characters in the Contents and Index tabs. I need to make a change to the help, but when I open the project or compile it, words for those tabs show as garbage characters. I have Japanese and Simplified Chinese language packs installed, and tried switching my PC language to those language, but still get the garbage characters.


      One thing I notice is that in the !Language! folders for all languages, there's a !Language!.fpj file and a en_US folder with a en_US.fpj file in it. Both .fpj files include the text "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>". Should there be a different .fpj file for the Asian languages?


      Any other ideas?


      Edit: Also, I switched the language in the Project Settings dialog to Simplified Chinese while my PC language was set to Chinese, but that didn't change anything.