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    function to add comma to the list of email addresses

    Han Dao Level 1



      I currently using LC Workbench ES. I am working on the process that need to send email to the variable that returns a list of email addresses like this ( john.smith@abc.comjohn.smith@abcjohn.smith@abc.com.com  peter.pan@abc.com vickie.tran@abc.com joana.page@abac.comjoana.page@abc.comjoana.page@abc.cojoana.page@abc.comm) but keep getting the below error because of no comma or semicolon to seperate these email addresses.



      [5/2/13 15:59:26:176 CDT] 00000183 AWS           E com.adobe.workflow.engine.ProcessEngineBMTBean stallAction stalling action-instance: 131637 with message: Illegal whitespace in address: com.adobe.idp.dsc.email.SendMailFailedException: Illegal whitespace in address



      Can any one please advise how to add the comma or semicolon to seperate these email addresses.


      Thanks in advance,

      Han Dao