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    Saving artwork

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          2thestuff Level 1

          When saving to .ai format...


          If an .ai document is linked to an InDesign document, will InDesign be more responsive if the .ai file is saved without compression?  (Note: this question is about InDesign's responsiveness in relation to the .ai file; not InDesign's responsiveness to application settings such as proxy settings in within the Display Performance section of the settings.)


          I have a large InDesign document that has hundreds of placed .ai files.  In the past, have typically saved .ai files with compression (probably due to this being a suggested setting).  I understand that this should be a simple answer by re-saving/relinking as uncompressed but since my performance issues could be linked to other things (many hi-res .tiffs per page) as well.  Since it isn't a great concern, I thought I'd start by asking first.


          My performance is better than it once was, but not as smooth as it should be considering my significant investment in performance hardware (late model 8 core processor, 24 gb ram, Quadro NVS dedicated graphics with hardware acceleration).  The following are things that I have already done to help with performance:


          Display images with "Typical" display setting

          Turn off preflight of document

          Turn off dynamic spell check

          Turn off thumnail preview in the pages panel

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            Noticed you still haven't gotten a response to this. I would try posting it in the InDesign forum.

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              How do I include my crop marks when saving a pdf file?

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                Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                check the 'Trim marks' box under the Marks & Bleeds section of the PDF options.

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                  I am having issues saving an image that looks wonderful on my monitor, but when I post it to Facebook I get odd artifacts within the colors and background that I cannot fix. Most other images do not look this way on Facebook and I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong, however I have seen some that have the same weird artifacts as mine. When I check the image on the web through Illustrator it looks wonderful, it's just on Facebook that the artifacts appear. Is there any way to optimize for this? I downloaded the image and saved a side-by-side comparison of the image artifacts and my saved image.

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                    Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Facebook applies their own compression to uploaded files. That's just the way it is so you will have to play with your file and keep trying.

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                      Is there a way to change the default saving format to a legacy?


                      I've looked around and everyone says "No" and I'll accept that. But is there a work around?


                      The issue comes from me using CS6 but most people need CS5. A lot of times I'm working with images I'll just use in InDesign and theres no need to convert to a legacy format. But if I need to send a logo off to another department it has to be in CS5. It seems like such a simple thing but it is interupting my workflow and a causing major headaches.


                      Idealy I would like to default to CS5 when I save an .eps and then when I need I'll save as CS6.

                      Any thoughts or sugestions?

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                        Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                        When saving for Facebook be sure that the file is physically big enough and that you check High Quality.

                        Even though you do this you must still expect some jpeg compression artifacts. There’s nowt you can do about that.