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    'Raw' Data XMP view shows internal properties that don't exist in the data

    djeyewater Level 1

      In FileInfo view for an image, if I switch to the 'Raw Data' tab, it shows photoshop:ColorMode and photoshop:ICCProfile. However, when I check the actual XMP data of the image e.g. using exiftool or a text editor, these properties do not exist in the XMP data.


      According to this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5057589 these are both internal properties to PS / Bridge, which explains why they don't exist in the XMP. But why are they shown in the 'Raw' data view for the XMP then? Showing them here is just confusing as it makes it seem like they should exist in the XMP data.


      I can't really see any point in including nonexistent tags in the Raw Data view. But if it is deemed necessary, how about highlighting them a different color, such as using a grey font instead of black? At least it would indicate that they were different to the real data.




      P.S. This is with Bridge CS5, possibly the issue has been fixed in CS6?