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    signing problems with ucf.jar

    -kasqa- Level 1

      I've been trying to sign my extension with ucf.jar to make it possible to install the .zxp. I created a self-signed certificate using Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant in MacOSX and exported it to a .p12-file. When i try to build and sign the .zxp with:


      java -jar ucf.jar -package -storetype PKCS12 -keystore certificate.p12 -storepass password myExtension.zxp -C "./myExtension/" .


      i get the following stacktrace:


      Packaging failed: Unknown or invalid signature algorithm.
      java.security.GeneralSecurityException: Unknown or invalid signature algorithm.
          at com.adobe.pki.PKIContext.VerifyCertPath(PKIContext.java:167)
          at com.adobe.ucf.CodeSigner.BuildAndVerifyCertChain(CodeSigner.java:297)
          at com.adobe.ucf.CodeSigner.getXMLKeyInfo(CodeSigner.java:241)
          at com.adobe.ucf.CodeSigner.getSignatureXML(CodeSigner.java:184)
          at com.adobe.ucf.UCFOutputStream.finalizeSig(UCFOutputStream.java:264)
          at com.adobe.ucf.UCFPackager.createPackage(UCFPackager.java:109)
          at com.adobe.ucf.UCF.doPackage(UCF.java:114)
          at com.adobe.ucf.UCF.main(UCF.java:64)


      Couldnt find anything about this in the sign-toolkit-pdf.