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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Trial version

    videope Level 1
      • I hope this belongs to this forum... if not, please advise me where..
      • Prior to receiving my version of CS5 I downloaded the trial version of Adobe CS5.5.  I have since - I thought - deleted the trial version but I find that some remnants of it are still hanging around.  Screen shot enclosed.
      • Please advise how I can successfully remove all remnants of CS5.5
      • I have encountered problems using Premiere Pro CS5 and I am trying to eliminate all possible causes.
      • I am trying to enclose the screen shot but it wont let me.  Anyway, it wont tell more than what I have already stated.


      Question:  What have you done to this screen?  It doesnt work as a text program.  It wont let me double space or write normally.


      I did double space now... dont know what is going on.  Anyway, that is second to the question I stated above.