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    Problem loading geometrixx demo site

    Ka On Leung

      I have installed CQ5.5 service pack 2, but for some reason I cannot open any page from CQ include geometrixx-demo site. When I try to open the page http://localhost:4503/cf#/content/geometrixx.html.  It said "Not Found - Cannot serve request to content/geometrixx.html on this server".  When I open the html page, there is a "WARN" message in the error.log saying "/bin/wcm/contentfinder/asset/view.json/content/dam HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.dam.commons.metadata.SimpleXmpToJcrMetadataBuilder property [stRef%3AdocumentID] doesn't have namespace prefix, skipping. metadata node: [/content/dam/geometrixx-outdorrs/banners/warm-and-stylish.jpg/jcr:content/metadata/xmpMM :DerivedForm]. 


      But if i open http://localhost:4503/cf#/content/geometrixx.xml, it is working completely fine


      Anyone knows what is going wrong with my server?  Is the WARN message related to the problem?