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    HiddenTexts usage in Indesign


      Hi everybody,


      Stories (in fact the Story object) objects have a property called HiddenTexts. Does anybody knows a specific usage in InDesign? Does the Interface as menu to add, edit and delete these objects? Is it safe to use it within a script to store some persistent data into a story without disrupting formatting of text?


      Any help would be appreciated


      many thanks

      Jean-Raynald Lemay

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hiddenText is the text hidden by conditions: create a condition, apply it to some text, set the condition not to display its text, and you have hiddenText. It's probably not a good idea to use hiddenText to store data, because hiddenText is part of the document's content. If you want to store some persistent data into a story, you could use a custom label:


          myStory.insertLabel ('myData', 'lots of persistent data goes here -- was it 32kb? Maybe more.')


          You retrieve the data later as follows:


          var d = myStory (extractLabel ('myData'))