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    CSS Sprite Export Options Grid layout not working

    J-Barrow Level 1

      While using the CSS Sprite export tool in Fireworks CS6, I select the Grid layout from the CSS Sprite Export Options dialog, but the exported image is always a single vertical column rather than a grid. The result is an image file that is 36 x 3000px. How do I get it to export the images into a grid pattern (e.g. 330 x 330px)?



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          groove25 Level 4

          I don't normally use this feature, but I'm noticing similar results. I'm seeing *some* grid arrangement among sprites here and there, but overall it's strongly favoring a vertical layout. The difference between Grid and Vertical settings is there—depending on the slices—but it's much less obvious than one might expect.


          I'm not sure if there's a way to control this to any degree—short of arranging the sprites by hand, exporting the graphic manually, and rewriting the positioning values within the CSS file produced by the Export CSS Sprites command. I did a quick search  on this feature but didn't find anything addressing this aspect.