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    Premiere Pro output/export is blurry

    wonmanfactory Level 1

      Hello, I have never got much luck editing desktop videos with premiere pro. It seems it can only deal with Video Camera shot footage but not computer generated videosCapture.PNG


      I have captured my computer screen using FFMPEG and imported my footage to premiere pro. Look at the left hand side source monitor, how clear is the image and right hand side program monitor, image is blurry and color is poor. Not only does it happen in playback, in the export, there is no difference.


      And by my previous experience, premiere titles tend to get blurry. It doesn't render properly its own elements. When I select "Match Sequence Settings" when I export, the blur seem to have gone away.


      My sequence setting is as shown: Editing Mode is Desktop


      When i edit it in After Effects, it seems no problem. Have I done anything wrong?