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    Why can't I delete the "Adobe RoboHelp 10" folder on my Windows 7 Desktop?

    Kjell-Olov Högdahl

      Today I downloaded and installed a trial of Adobe RoboHelp 10.


      After installation I ended up with a folder called "Adobe RoboHelp 10" on my Desktop.


      But when I try to delete this folder I get a windows 7 error "You require permissions from ... to make changes to this folder".




      I am logged in as Administrator (There is only one account on my machine so for all I understand I am logged in as the one I am instructed to require permissioons from?).


      I am running Windows 7 on a Paralells instalaltion on MAC. But for all I can tell my Desktop is not located on the MAC (network drive).


      Why has RoboHelp 10 installations created a folder I do not have priviliges to change on my desktop?


      How do I delete this folder?


      Please give me a clue. This is driving me mad...


      Regards, Kjell-Olov Högdahl

      CEO The ITfied AB