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    Reconnect Problems after Restore  PSE9


      I did sucessful backup to an external HDD then restored after upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.  I have tried reconnect all several times after pointing to my picture directory, it starts working then just stops - forever!  I end up aborting the process. 


      I am considering another restore, but since I no longer trust this process, is it possible to copy the old folders and files from my old HDD, including the old catalog file, then restart PSE9 and will it use that correctly?????  Or can I tell it to use the old catalog file?

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          The Restore process should place the files to your selected location (original or custom) and that should be the new location for those files as far as the Organizer is concerned. There should be no need to perform a reconnect process.


          You can simply move the catalog file from one hard drive to another and continue to use it, as long as the files are still in the same location.

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            gellswor Level 1

            Thanks for the response Brett, I know what SHOULD have happened during the backup and restore.  I have spent the last 3/4 days trying to get my files connected, so I am assuming that something is corrupt in either the backup, or when I restored.


            I am thinking that I can either delete the folders, files, and catalog on my new drive and try another restore, or just put my old hdd in and copy them to the new drive since you say that will work.


            Again, thanks for the response.