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    Info re: hiberfil.sys file and Windows 8 - please read before disabling

    MandMcK22 Level 1

      This post is in case others come across the problem I have had.   A little history - I am running off a 120Gb SSD.  Recently my main SSD appeared full which didn't make sense in terms of the programs etc loaded on it.  A sniffer program identified my hiberfil.sys file being 51.1Gb.  A little more research and I learnt that this was caused by my computer having 64Gb of RAM.  Whilst disabling it fixed my bloated SSD, I noticed upon disabling it, a drop in system performance within After Effects.  Someone on the Windows 8 forum kindly answered my question and sent me this article  http://mywindows8.org/never-delete-hiberfil-sys-file-in-windows-8/ - in short, if you have a computer with multiple cores and are running Windows 8, you might be better reducing the percentage of memory stored instead of disabling the hiberfil.sys file.  I re-enabled it via right clicking on the command prompt to run as admin and then typed powercfg.exe /hibernate on and then I re-did the command prompt process and typed powercfg /h /size 50.  Now I have a respectable 30Gb clear on the SSD and the performance differential I noticed when disabling it has disappeared.


      Hope this helps someone






      i7 3820

      64Gb RAM

      120Gb SSD for programs

      60Gb SSD for caching

      Nvidia 560 GTI