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    Denoiser problem

    FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1


      I've applied the denoiser effect to a number of clips to eliminate some hiss from an interview. (Need to match audio quality from a interview shot on an EX3 and then continued on a DSLR.) Seemed to do the job just fine until I played back the timeline. There is a lag in the effect as I go from clip to clip. Some of the audio levels start really low and then come up to normal, as if there's a delay on the effect. I've seen some old posts reporting this problem and am wondering if any of you can tell me if there's been any progress on a fix for this denoiser bug. Using Premiere Pro CS5 on a Windows 7 machine. Thanks.

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          Alex Lowe Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem. Can anyone help?

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            josephs51576386 Level 3

            I've had this problem and I had to clear my cache to get it to stop.

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              Alex Lowe Level 1

              Thanks for the reply. I found how to clean the cache but not clear it. Is there a difference? If so how do I clear it?

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                josephs51576386 Level 3

                Alex Lowe wrote:


                Thanks for the reply. I found how to clean the cache but not clear it. Is there a difference? If so how do I clear it?

                There is no difference between them. If you clean it that is the same as clearing I just used the wrong word sorry.

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                  Alex Lowe Level 1

                  Not a problem. Thanks again. I cleaned, but the problem still happened when I re-exported. Do I need to redo the denoiser after cleaning?

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                    josephs51576386 Level 3

                    I dunno then, the only other thing I can think to try  but I doubt will work is to maybe apply the denioser to a audio track and put that audio on a track all by itself that needs the denioser to be used on it. Then try exporting it, maybe if you use the audio track to apply it rather than putting it on the clip itself it will be normal. For me cleaning the cache fixed the issue so I don't have any other suggestions other than trying the track method... Sorry

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                      Glitchdog Level 1

                      I have not used the audio denoiser in CS6 only 5.5 as you are using, but on Mac. It was horrible buggy and was crashing our system. We found other posts (I think Mac and PC) that were similar, so we deleted them and looked into Audition initially (it does a super job) but to speed our workflow we settled on using the EQ filter in Premiere. Took quite a bit of tweaking to get it right, but end result was good. I submitted a bug report to Adobe.

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                        TYLERART Level 1

                        I have the same problem to I can freeze the noise floor (at the highest point) and get no delay in the timeline but the end result when exporting never works correctly. This is one of the many problems adobe needs to fix.( They really need to fix the buggy cuda engine it suck! “Crash city on 3 PC’s) Anyway….    What I do now is keep all my voices on a single track and not worry about the noise. Wait for the client to approve the video and export it to Audition.

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                          josephs51576386 Level 3

                          Strange, everyone I work with uses the denoiser and nobody has ever had a crash because of it. Guess it really goes to show it depends on the system itself.

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                            Eivind Sol Berg Level 1

                            I believe it has to do with audio level keyframes. At least when messed around with them it confused the DeNoiser filter. After deleting the keyframes or putting them on similar levels DeNoiser worked.

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                              abrapiro14 Level 1


                              If the noisy clips are the only thing on that audio track, you can add the Denoiser effect from the audio mixer panel rather that applying it to each clip. The effect will apply to everything on that audio track, and I've found that it gets rid of the delays and oscillations of the Denoiser effect lots of times.


                              Open the audio mixer panel and you should see a slider there for each track and a master. At the top left of the mixer panel UI is a triangle toggle like the ones on all of the bins in Premiere's UI. Use the toggle to expand the mixer panel to show the fx bus. There you can pull down a list of all of the audio fx to apply to each track. After adding an effect to a track, right click on it and choose "edit" to make adjustments. You can do this while your timeline is playing to hear the results. You can also keyframe effects on the timeline by setting the track display to "show track keyframes". That option is down on the audio tracks in the timeline panel.


                              Since I learned of these options, I know find them indispensable and you them on nearly every project

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                                kimberly.tucker18 Level 1

                                This it the Trick!!!  what a weird deal.

                                I do think this BUG shoud be fixed..if it is. For me- when I added the denoiser to a clip and tweaked it to my liking, it works on the rendered video.  But when I export the sequence: each clip with the added denoiser effect starts off with no sound fix(hissing) and then it kicks in after about a sec or 2 and sounds clean.

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                                  Glitchdog Level 1

                                  Filters make things easy. But I'm always gun-shy with auto "fixit" filters. We have not tested the audio denoiser filter in CS6, but I don't find the need too. In our small staff setup we try to find something fast, but not cut too many corners. We ended up creating two EQ presets for interviews with preamp hiss. If those don't work then we send the soundbites to Audition to remove the noise there. That's been a good workflow for us.

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                                    TylerDSLR Level 1

                                    I have had so many problems with the audio in premiere that I gave up and went a different route. It can be fully reliable and then just horrible.

                                    Work Around

                                    1. Right click on the audio track > Edit in Adobe Audition. Premier will then render the audio and create a wave file for Audition. Audition will then open the file. It’s peaty seamless and a clean workflow.
                                    2. Edit the clip in Audition and just save the file premiere will automatically update problem solved. Plus Audition has much better tools for audio. 
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                                      jjpatterson Level 1

                                      I am also having this problem. I have tried everything in this post to no avail (except editing in audition). After removing all keyframe fades, moving effect to track level, clearing cache etc I have probably spent more time then it would have taken to figure out audition. Hopefully Adobe took note of the bug report and fixes this for Premiere CC. Any other suggestions out there?

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                                        FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1

                                        Abrapiro - This was almost a perfect solution. Thanks. It worked well for my entire segment except for the very first clip. True to denoiser's form, when the clip started the audio dipped and then jumped up - but was good for the rest of the program. Luckily, I had that piece of sound as an MP3 file, which didn't need noise reduction. I put that on another track and then transitioned to the other, "denoised" track when normal levels resumed there. I still find denoiser very buggy and plan to avoid it in the future.

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                                          ocube Level 1

                                          Hey abrapiro14


                                          This is by far the best tip I have seen on cleaning audio in Premiere Pro. I am working on a short film that was had thedialogue recorded with the same mic, same room, same day meaning the noiseis consistent, you just saved me copying and pasting the deNoiser on a multitude of clips not to mention that fact that Premiere kept crashing. I was just about to call Adobe to give them an earful when I stumbled on your solution to deNoiser a track rather than individual clips. The additional benefit is that Premiere has stopped crashing so you killed two bids with one stone for me (no anmals were harmed in the process).


                                          Thanks for sharing, people like you make the fimaking world a fun place.





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                                            Jacqui_Hocking Level 1

                                            Awesome thanks!

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                                              yuanchenliu Level 1

                                              Saved me big time!

                                              Thank you so much for the tip. Works perfectly.

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                                                greendaydiaz Level 1

                                                Hi Abrapiro,


                                                I tried your solution and it doesn't work for me. I added DeNoiser from the Audio track Mixer, adjusted reduction to -15. I also cleared the media cache and I still get the 2 second delay. Please help. Thanks!

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                                                  Senhay Level 1

                                                  Doesn´t work for me either!


                                                  Why can´t Adobe fix that!!!

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                                                    comedytap Level 1

                                                    Hi everybody,


                                                    I've had this same issue! I recently finished a 19 minute short film with hundreds of separate audio clips in it, many shot in different parts of a room with various noise levels. I added denoiser to all of the clips and adjusted each one independently for the best results, then I adjusted gain etc. so everything sounded perfect when I previewed it. I then encoded the video and almost every clip has a hiss at the beginning like a snake briefly and violently interrupting the dialog. I actually had to show the film live with this hissing because I ran out of time. How was I supposed to know that Adobe booby trapped this filter?

                                                    The thing I don't understand is why Premiere can't render out what it can easily play back in the audio preview. I've heard the buffer explanantion and I get it, but why can't Premiere draw from this buffer when it renders? I chatted with a tech today and he told me to just use Audition. Two problems with that: 1. I don't know how to use Audition and my film is already a week late, and 2. even if I learned Audition, that means I have to start over with my audio mix that I'm already very happy with and that took a a couple days to get right. NOT ACCEPTABLE ADOBE. The tech said that they're working on a solution, but after some searching online it appears that this has been a problem since 2006. I guess they're just taking their sweet time.


                                                    Here's my solution. It's not pretty but it appears to be my only one at this point. I'm going to record the good preview audio with Soundflower on my mac and then import that into the project to replace my original files. I'm probably going to lose some audio quality doing it, but I'll take that over random audio hissing destroying my film any day. I'm going to try it tonight and I'll let you know how it works.

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                                                      Fermented_Goat Level 1

                                                      This thread was started in 2012 and the same problem still exists in 2015. Adobe you are a ridiculous company and your product management is a joke.


                                                      Hello to you people looking at this thread for answers in 2018.

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                                                        willfoster Level 1

                                                        How is this still a problem? Seriously thought that with the new 2015 version that this would be fixed. This is embarrassing and is completely wasting my time trying to fix.

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                                                          jrains1412 Level 1

                                                          Did the Soundflower solution work? If so, will you post instructions? I'm out of ideas and out of patience!

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                                                            mdillon10 Level 1

                                                            Thanks abrapiro14 for the great solution! It worked perfectly for me….almost. Everything sounded fine on the export except for the very first clip, which still had 2 seconds of hiss. I found a workaround for this: If the audio track was cut (with razor tool) drag back about 2 seconds of the cut audio, set the volume level to 0 until your actual In point, and apply the Denoiser. The 2 seconds of nasty hiss gets applied to the silent chunk that you created, and your audio kicks in beautifully. Hope this helps somebody out there!

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                                                              EditorLou Level 1

                                                              Hey everyone,


                                                              So I've tried applying the denoiser effect into the audio track like abrapiro14 said as opposed to applying it to individual clips but the exported versions STILL have the hissing at the beginning of each clip. Has anyone found another solution? Or maybe I'm not doing something right? It's driving me crazy.

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                                                                GSHOMJessica Level 1

                                                                I'm having the same issue. I've tried running the denoiser on everything, cleaned the cache ... but each time I cut to a new clip, I've got that hiss in the beginning. It's super frustrating and leaves my projects sounding unprofessional. Yikes.

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                                                                  irolla Level 1

                                                                  None of the suggested solutions worked for me. Even editing the sound track in adobe audition gives the same effect - first 2-4 seconds are left without denoiser.

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                                                                    Senhay Level 1

                                                                    Hello Adobe


                                                                    will this ever be fixed???

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                                                                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                      Hello Adobe


                                                                      will this ever be fixed???


                                                                      Hi Senhay,

                                                                      I looked at the bug and it keeps getting deferred because of a design limitation, apparently. It looks like a redesign of this effect will have to take place. I urge you to file a bug so that you can add your voice to the issue: http://adobe.ly/ReportBug


                                                                      The workaround is to use Adobe Audition. Can you try that for now?




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                                                                        Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                        Perhaps the effect should be removed.

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                                                                          paiva_pedro Level 1

                                                                          It's been 3 years since this thread and Adobe still haven't fixed this???

                                                                          I'm having the same issue with Premier Pro CC 2015.

                                                                          I Had to move my whole project back to Final Cut Pro X.

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                                                                            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                            It's been 3 years since this thread and Adobe still haven't fixed this???

                                                                            I'm having the same issue with Premier Pro CC 2015.

                                                                            I Had to move my whole project back to Final Cut Pro X.


                                                                            Sorry about that Pedro. Audition didn't work for you?



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                                                                              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                              Perhaps the effect should be removed.


                                                                              Hi Richard,

                                                                              I know but I can't really do anything about that. You can make the suggestion in a bug report, though: http://adobe.ly/ReportBug




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                                                                                paiva_pedro Level 1

                                                                                I had the same issue with Audition.
                                                                                You know the funny thing? I just had a chat with an Adobe Support representative and she told me the solution would be to use Final Cut Pro Instead.

                                                                                Funny, huh?
                                                                                I hope I receive an e-mail from adobe with a survey about their support.

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                                                                                  Redhatgeorge Level 1

                                                                                  I am having this issue also. I want to try your solution but I am using Premiere Pro CC and I just can't seem to find where I can apply the audio effect to the whole track instead of each individual clip.

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                                                                                    Emoral7 Level 1

                                                                                    Click on Window > Audio Mixer. The panel will appear in the top-left portion of the screen. Within that mixer panel, click the dropdown arrow in the top-left corner to see the mixer effects menu.

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                                                                                      PippoPancaro Level 1

                                                                                      Same issue here. I've been spending the last 24 hrs trying to find a solution.

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