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    Webcakes included in Adobe Flash Player


      I recently started having unwanted popup links on my website and only on my PC (Windows7) and sometimes when I clicked on a legitimate link it took me to an unknown website. I figured I was infected with some sort of malware or adware although a scan turned up nothing. When searching what was recently downloaded Adobe Flash Player was one of the programs.  I uninstalled everything that I was not familiar with (leaving the Flash Player) but I still had the popups. I then uninstalled Adobe Flash Player and popups disappeared. I went to reinstall Flash Player and at one point during the download I got the box to accept or decline the terms and then noticed that if I accepted “Webcakes” would be installed. I declined and installation continued and after installation the popups were back. Uninstalled again, popups gone. Reinstalled popups back. Uninstalled, popups gone. I think you get the message. How can I correct this because my site pops up with a message bar saying that Flash Player is required for this site? This is only when I view my site in IE8.  If I view in Chrome everything is good and there are no popups.  When I tried to install Flash Player using Chrome it says that it is already there. If it already exists in Chrome why wouldn’t it also exist in IE? Don’t understand that either but then again I am not a computer guru.