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    Trouble exporting dropdown menu's

      Hello All

      Ok so I havent used Dream/Fire since MX and I ran into a problem. I created rollover buttons in Fireworks and I wanted to add drop-down menu's. I created some menus using the ...Modify > Add popup menu and saved the buttons as an HTML file. Now I want to add those buttons to an existing page and this is where i run into my problem.....

      When I open the buttons.html up in dreamweaver the seem to work just fine but when I move the buttons over to my default.html and preview the page I get an error...

      syntax :
      line 77
      Char 15
      Error 'document.MM_nbOver.length' is null or not an object
      code: 0

      It seems as though when I move the buttons to my current page all off the drop-down menu's do not transfer with them....

      Any help would be soooo appreciated