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    Photoshop 5.5 Print Options dont work


      I hope someone can help me because I can only print my photoshop work on A4 when I want it on A3.  Its not greyed out it doesnt respond. Strange as it was working no problem then suddenly stopped.  I am using a mac OX10.8.4 and a macbook pro. I have reloaded my printers drivers Brother DCP 6690CWP and it still doesnt work.  I would appreciate it if someone can give me a straightforward fix.  Or give me the number I can ring the helpdesk from the UK.  Thanks
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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You're saying you press the [Print Settings...] button and just nothing happens?


          Sorry for the very basic question, but have you rebooted your system since this started happening?


          I'm not sure Adobe is going to be able to help you with it...  It has to do with the features provided to applications by your printer driver as part of the operating system functionality.


          Can you change settings for the printer with other apps or the preferences in the Apple menu?



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            marimc26 Level 1

            Thanks Noel for replying.  Thats exactly what it is happening.  The weird thing is that the print function use to work and it stopped working.  I have reloaded the driver and it now works with my indesign and pdf files but not photoshop for some reason.  I have changed the settings on my printer but photoshop should give me the options to print on either and A4 or A3 but the drop down menu doesnt work everything prints out on A4.




            PS I forgot to mention that my husband has cs3 on his older mac and he can print out A3 on the same printer. Yes I did reboot.